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oh the man love

so i went to the cellar on friday night with kim for my birthday, we saw tim and keith there, again. i gave tim my phone number. he's 7 years older than i am and that thought kind of scares me. on the other hand, these days it doesn't seem to make one bit of difference. oh well, we'll see if he even calls.
last night i was at bens house, and playing with jake. we ended up drinking gin and lime, smoking, and then smoking weed. at the end of the night he said, can we just cuddle? one half of me wanted to shout out no, but the side the spoke cocked an eyebrow and said sure. anyway, i felt like i was completely in control though, because he was the one who wanted me. he was the one running his hand up my side, and carressing my shoulders. i just laid there, drifted into another world and thought about how he was the one who went after me. oh, and he cut his hair... ewwww!!!! it looks so bad. of course i didn't have the heart to tell him just how horrible it looked.
i slept for close to 11 hours last night. i really needed it. between thursday and friday night... oh boy. anyway, i'm going to have some cereal. read my book, maybe go back to sleep for a while.

10:09 a.m. - 2005-02-27


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