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last night i went to jons house with kim and rodney. not too exciting however it was fun. then off to mcdicks to get a sundae. i think i totally bombed my anthro midterm. not fun. i'll be really surprised if my dad pays for my schooling again.
i might meet bry today after her class, she said that she would phone me. but who knows if she'll remember. i know where her class is so in an hour i will go try to track her down. i have to do my philosophy paper right now.
i told ben that i would take jake for him today while he is painting. but i think if he actually texts me or phones me i'm just going to tell him that i'm busy, maybe another time. blow him off for once. he's become really skinny. not all that attractive. jake is still so cute, but as he's getting bigger, he's losing his appeal to me. not too much, but i can tell my days at the coffee shop are slowly ending. good to feel that way. unless i'm tricking myself.
my piercing hurts lately. after/when i'm cleaning it burns. and that's not a good feeling considering the location of it. i'm sure once it has healed then all will be well, just right now it hurts like a bitch.

11:32 a.m. - 2005-02-17


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